Around 785,000 Britons currently live in the EU and it makes sense for many to return to the UK.

The Telegraph cites several factors from a study by the Migration Policy Institute. These include concerns over dwindling funds in the face of a falling pound, the potential curbing of free healthcare, plus a desire to return to guaranteed NHS services. Add to this the complications of registering for residency and services, and uncertainty over income – the Government has only promised to maintain a lucrative pensions lock for Britons in ­Europe for three years – and it makes sense for many to return to the UK.

The article cites the Coughlins,who had to rethink their ­options as finding somewhere affordable wasn’t easy The couple found they could buy a one-bedroom apartment at a development for over-55s. Over budget at £280,000, the Coughlins could afford to pay £140,000 for a 50 per cent share of a flat through a part buy, part rent option.

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