A new report, ‘Planning for Retirement; How Retirement Communities can help meet the needs of our ageing population’, was launched today and contains several ‘bold but easily implementable’ reforms.

Recommendations such as changes to planning rules, a government task force, and tailored funding pots to help incentivise more development of retirement communities are amongst the 11 recommendations make by ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) and the CCN (County Councils Network).

Retirement communities are currently a fringe part of the adult social care conversation, but the benefits they can bring to people’s wellbeing, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, and freeing up half a million bedrooms shows that they should be a prime part of the solution to many of the societal challenges we face. Cllr David Williams, chairman of the County Councils Network

ARCO estimates that should 250,000 people live in retirement communities by 2030, it could free up over 560,000 bedrooms back onto the market. Currently, just 0.6% of over 65s – 75,000 people – live in a retirement community: developments which allow people to live in their own property, but within a community that has onsite care, a wide range of services and amenities on site.

Future Street understand that affordability is key and our mid-market later living villages will have a range of tenures to fully support affordability. A typical purchaser would require the equity in their original property to be well above the average price of the new one, and for annual charges to also be affordable. Our developments are built using modern methods of construction with a philosophy that champions prevention and wellness.

Download and read the full report here