Property Week reports today on the ‘new generation of later-living projects’ – a 317 unit development in the centre of Bath.

The interview with Guild Living co-founder and director Eugene Marchese, describes the priorities for the urban-centric village,

..the next generation of elderly are baby boomers – the most educated, wealthiest and well travelled of the past generations. So they want to stay connected to the services they’re used to.


They also need to be of a certain scale, because to build a community, people need to be able to find their tribes. Almost like a dating service, we’ll group people in the scheme based on things they have in common.


The schemes being open to the public on the ground floor is important too, so that our residents always feel like they’re part of the wider community.


The level of care is also key. People won’t leave their home of 50 years for a nice new pool. In-house care delivered in a way that’s discreet, with respect and dignity, is the model that will change everything.

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