A blog by Jenny Buterchi of PRP Architects for the HouslingLIN highlights ‘across the UK there is increasing interest in older people’s communities where the home has been designed to suit one’s changing needs and addresses the pressing concerns over social isolation and sense of security. Although supply is nowhere near meeting the demand, this market has started to respond creating a variety of products, recognising that no one-size-fits-all.

Many people do however recognise the need to rightsize into a smaller and more age-appropriate dwellings and release some equity for their retirement.

Locate older people in the heart of new and existing communities, acknowledge that they are a huge contributor to society and care deeply about staying close to friends and services that are familiar. Older people who live active lives at the heart of the community bring fantastic benefits to the communities they live within.

Read more here: https://www.housinglin.org.uk/blogs/Intergenerational-Housing/